Antennae Systems

Antennae and Lines – Trillium can install your T-Boom Sector or hoisting grips and make it look easy. We have experience with a full line of mounting and line support systems.

Microwave – From non-licensed microware needs to licensed digital microware, Trillium will correctly position and mount your microwave solution.

Cellular and Cellular Colocations – Trillium can analyze existing tower structures to determine cellular and colocation opportunities as well as provide timely installation services to expand your network capabilities.

Broadcast – Whether you need radio, television, radar or other special communications capabilities, Trillium can install a wide range of antenna systems in the locations to meet your needs.

DTV – Trillium has experience in the latest broadcast technology and can help you replace or refurbish tower components to meet new DTV standards.

FAA Lighting – When that lightbulb needs changing at the top of your tower, count on Trillium to get the job done safely and efficiently. We will monitor your site for regular maintenance of lighting systems and can recommend the appropriate lighting for your structure.

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