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Build to Suit

Land Acquisition – Trillium is planning several sites around central Minnesota for which we will facilitate the land acquisition process. We can work directly with the land owners, investors, and governing bodies to secure the purchase and proper zoning authority.

Engineering – Adhering to TIA/EIA standards, Trillium’s certified engineers will conduct all surveying and engineering of the site and make recommendations on location, tower style, and structural considerations to ensure tower durability and safety.

Permits – Trillium will identify and work with the applicable municipal, county and state jurisdictions and provide you with a schedule for obtaining their approvals.

Leasing – Our build to suit properties will be available for ownership as well as leasing opportunities. We can facilitate the marketing and leasing process to develop desirable and long-term tenant arrangements.

Management – Trillium’s field supervisors have more than 10 years of experience in project management to address contractor questions, monitor corporate and federal safety standards and document construction activity. In addition, we can represent your interests in the permit and leasing process.

Maintenance – Providing site inspection, lighting repairs and systems testing as well as conducting structural upgrades, Trillium will ensure that your site is well maintained and attractive for clients.

Next Steps...

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