Tower Maintenance

FAA Lighting Repairs – In accordance with FAA requirements, Trillium will handle regular lighting inspections and repairs. This includes setting tower plumb, replacing damaged hangers, repainting, and relighting on a one-time or scheduled basis.

Plumb and Tension – Trillium will inspect and re-set plumb and guy tensions and recommend repairs and maintenance. We’ll even set up the maintenance schedule for you.

Systems Testing – Rely on Trillium to provide ground resistance and sweep testing that are tailored to your requirements and ensure that transmission lines, antennas and systems resistance are functioning optimally.

Tower Inspections – Trillium offers post construction site and tower inspections that align with TIA/EIA standards. We will verify the structural integrity of equipment, grounding, electrical and teleco installations, cables and antennas. We will also review and report any conditions that compromise safety or maintenance.

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